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Beauty Parlours, Beauty Salons and a bit more in China

There are other beauty parlours and beauty salons in China alone compared to all of those other world combined. A minimum of, that’s my impression. Well, if one makes allowances for any little exaggeration you’ll see what i mean.

It isn’t the Chinese convey more hair but the things they’re doing, that they like to flaunt. Walk lower any street in almost any Chinese city, town or village and you’ll see salons oral cavity by jowl – well, almost! And, you will find roads where you can find greater number of these establishments than every other. Beauty parlours and beauty salons serve a combination. They are doing cut, trim, shape and colour hair however, many also front at a lower price innocent pleasures. Much more of that later.

Most Chinese possess a thick mind of hair that neither age nor time can apparently wither. Old and youthful, all appear very hirsute – only in the mind level. Cast your vision just a little lower and all sorts of indications of hirsuteness start to wane. Thus, moustaches and beards really are a rarity in China. You do visit a couple of people, although rarely, having a not-so-thick moustache but beards appear to develop only on artists’ chins and individuals of beggars and mendicants.

Yet, business thrives in glass-paned beauty parlours and beauty salons. Expert hands scissoring away at lengthy, dark, luxuriously beautiful hair really are a sight it’s possible to behold whenever during the day or night, almost. Around festival occasions and annual May Day and National Holidays, particularly, business explodes awaiting lengthy-anticipated vacations and happy reunions. This is when beauticians and barbers work like Edward Scissorhands, their fingers inspired, their hearts on song.

These establishments are frequently staffed by trained personnel, some with certificates from vocational insitutes specialising in beauty treatment and proper hair care. Enter one and you’ll see stacks of magazines and catalogues from China and abroad, replete with latest images of hairstyles, beauty treatments and so on.

The salons bleach and clour, cut and shape hair into styles that typically look captivatingly beautiful on some faces and atrociously inappropriate on some. It isn’t entirely their fault once the answers are negative in order for there are clients who would like the blonde of Scandinavia or even the turquoise of peacocks on their own hair.

A wash adopted with a cut, dye, another shampoo along with a perm can be purchased for less than 100 kuai or twelve dollars fifty! And, youthful women and men, particularly, are flocking in to these establishments to include a zing for their lives along with a factor for their hair.

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