5 Pop-Culture Icons Who Really Shouldn’t Wear Sunglasses

It wouldn’t be hard for most of us to come up with a list of pop-culture icons made famous by the sunglasses they wore. Tom Cruise is a great example. Both the aviators he wore in Top Gun and his wayfarers from Risky Business are synonymous with our images of the famous actor. Yet that does not mean every pop-culture icon should be donning shades. Some clearly should not.

Olympic Eyewear, a Utah company that designs and sells wholesale sunglasses, explains that a good pair of shades can truly define a person’s personality. Sunglasses are part of imagining whether you are talking about celebrities or average joes. The one thing many people fail to realize is that sunglasses can be as damaging to the person’s image as they are helpful.

As a case in point, a list of five pop-culture icons who really shouldn’t wear sunglasses appears below. The reasons why they shouldn’t are as varied as the icons themselves. Note that some are real people, others are characters, and still others are just artistic creations.

1. SpongeBob SquarePants

SpongeBob SquarePants is a nice guy and all, but he probably wouldn’t look good in a pair of sunglasses. Think about it. The main portion of SpongeBob’s body is a big square. He has those huge, bulging eyes that take up the top quarter of his physiognomy. Then he has that crater mouth with just two teeth.

If you can imagine an animated sponge wearing sunglasses, what would it look like? In SpongeBob’s case, they would have to be fairly big to cover those eyes. But wait, there’s a problem: SpongeBob has no ears. How would he keep them on? He’d have to pierce his sponge body and slip the arms through the holes. Ouch.

2. Snoopy

Snoopy, of Peanuts fame, is featured in multiple cartoon strips self-identifying as someone he calls ‘Joe Cool’. Joe is cool all right, but his dark sunglasses make him look like a G-man. That’s not what we want the lovable beagle to look like, is it? No! We want him to look like the mischievous little canine who loves to freak out Lucy by kissing her on the lips.

3. Star Trek’s Geordi La Forge

Actor LeVar Burton pulled off a masterful job portraying Lieutenant Commander Geordi La Forge in Star Trek: The Next Generation. La Forge wore a specially designed pair of visual prosthetics fashioned like a pair of glasses. Wearing dark sunglasses over the top of them would be a bit redundant, now wouldn’t it? You wouldn’t want to replace his custom eyewear, either. The prosthetic just looks too cool.

4. Dennis Rodman

Basketball’s Dennis Rodman is rarely seen in public without a pair of sunglasses. At times it looks like he’s channeling Elton John with some of his more outrageous styles. Perhaps Rodman should give the sunglasses a rest. After all, we just want to see his warm and welcoming eyes.

5. The Royal Family

It is rare to see members of Britain’s royal family wearing sunglasses. Why? Because doing so is considered impolite and a violation of royal etiquette. So on those rare occasions when the princes and princesses are allowed to don shades, they create a difficult conundrum for the rest of us: we can’t tell who they are! Perhaps wide-brimmed hats would be a better choice for them.

Sunglasses are great for most people. As a fashion accessory though, there are times when they just do not work. Those of you for whom sunglasses are not a good fit know who you are.

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